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Wood is natural and grows in our forests. It is beautiful to look at and comfortable to walk on. It creates an ambience and is made from a renewable resource.


Traditional applications of hardwood are finished in place, but prefinished selections offer customers more choice and advantages in durability.

The biggest advantage for choosing pre-finished hardwood flooring is SELECTION! There are several types of wood and finishes from which to make your choice. 


The second biggest advantage is FINISH. The finished wear layers of pre-finished hardwood floors are far superior to any finish that can be applied during the construction of your new home, or the remodel of your existing home. Factory applied finish coats are so durable that many of these coatings last ten times longer than hardwood floors that are finished in the home.


Finally, the most noticeable advantage is NO ODOR! With pre-finished hardwood floors you do not have to evacuate your home for three (or more) days to avoid toxic fumes. The toxic fumes tend to linger longer than three days, but you can't stay in a motel with three kids forever! 

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