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With linoleum, it all starts with nature. Linseed oil pressed from flax. Wood flour from specially harvested trees. Pine rosins mixed with the linseed oil for a flexible texture. Jute fibers woven into the backing.  The result: a biodegradable floor that's allergen-free, bacteria resistant and easy to clean.

Known for its vivid, saturated colors, linoleum flooring is available in traditional marbled patterns, solid colors, contemporary flecked designs or graphic patterns. You can also find linoleum in softer earth tones that highlight its organic qualities.


Available in glue down 6'7" wide sheet flooring, click together panels, and various tile sizes, linoleum floors are the perfect solution for creative applications.  Patterns can be cut using ultrasonic technology for custom designs and the design staff at Corvallis Floor Covering will help you design a floor which reflects your unique personality.  

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